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Dear readers,

I am always very busy, and I have little free time because my days are usually very active, but that is precisely why I have decided to start this site. Not as an ego exercise, but as a way of introspection, to calm down and relax to cope with the daily turbulences that are part of the modern businessman and everyone in general.

Today we live a historical moment that is sometimes tragic, exciting, stimulating and demanding.

We face a world of vertiginous speed, in which the most advanced of today, becomes outdated for tomorrow. I have had to live, like many of you, to go from listening to music on 33 rpm LPs (and up to 45), open reel tapes, to music in digital mp3 format or another. From the black and white TV to the 4k screens we have now, to see a fantastic movie in the cinema only once and memorize it for life, to the possibility of owning it, or see it over and over again via Internet.

Activities that took many days to complete like typing, mailing a letter to a loved one on the other side of the world, search data in the library, newspapers and other media. Today a small device that fits in my pocket and accompanies me in my daily life, gives me the answers I need almost instantaneously and connects me to the rest of the world.

The counterpart is that such an acceleration of our present world, our speed to react to any circumstance, must also be almost instantaneous if we want to be effective and not fail. And although I am speaking mainly of our professional life and in my case of businessman, it is something that also applies in other branches of our daily life, in the effort to try to keep up with the pace imposed by the world we have created.

Curiously, however contradictory as it may seem, in order to maintain this rhythm and achieve our goals, it is important to know and use the art of patience and reflection. We all despair if things do not happen at the moment we want it. We have forgotten that the process to make it happen is often more valuable and rewarding than achieving it. I have realized that obtaining something immediately, only gives me a momentary joy. So now, that I am older I have learned to enjoy that process, that emotion of yearning that is long lasting. I do not mean that achieving a goal is not important, but the effort to achieve it is what really enriches.

I am passionate about business and finance. I have had successes and failures like many others. When you fall, the important thing is to get up and move on. We cannot live in constant fear. Fear must be a counselor, but never a master.

This is something that worries me, we all live in terror and I notice that we have lost our ability to have fun, to laugh, to enjoy and to marvel. I myself sin a lot by forgetting many important things in life and I realize that the world that I’m inheriting my children, however full of technologies, comforts and progress, is lacking more and more of purpose and ideals.

That is why I will dedicate a little of my time to create a site, in which I want to capture my likes and dislikes, concerns, fears and my vision of the world that I possibly share with some and that will be grounds for mockery and criticism of others.

Actually, it does not really matter. My purpose is to express myself, to relax, share and if possible, grow as a human being.


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