The Doomsday Clock: 23:57:30

The Doomsday Clock: 23:57:30

It turns out that to all the daily stress produced by so many pressing activities that we have, and we have imposed ourselves as humanity, we must add fuel to the fire: this is the final count of the famous Doomsday Clock.

I will briefly explain what is this symbolic icon of destruction for those who do not know much about the subject.

1945 the year that changed the vision of what is known as terror. The great blow that humanity needed to fall into the lowest as a species and discredit the intelligence in all its splendor and radiance. The consequences of a nuclear explosion that we didn’t directly suffered, but we just need to fill our minds with the images in books or documentaries on the Internet: To get a grasp of the atomic mushroom, the moments after that deadly impact or the aftermath. This is to try to size up the idea of ​​a massacre, desolation and devastation without antecedents that we are able to inflict on our fellow men and the environment of this poor planet in which we live.

During this fatal year of 1945, the same researchers who worked on the Manhattan Project with its headquarters in Chicago, created “The Bulletin of Atomic Scientifics”, a publication that still runs today, to warn about the dangers of nuclear energy and the weapons of destruction that have been created with this energy.

Today, this bulletin has evolved and has added a more a faster pulse to its content, such as raising issues about international politics and their possible war effects, on companies that have an impact over different countries’ economies in a way that destabilize the world through different scenarios of multinational interests and technologies coming in the near future.

As a parenthesis I leave the link of this bulletin: for those who like to investigate.

It is in this publication, in 1947 that for the first time appears the so-called Doomsday Clock. It was made as a simple conceptual cover of the time remaining till midnight, at that moment it would reach “The End Day of all Times”, “The Apocalypse”, the illustration had the hands pointing at 7 minutes before 12.

In 1949 the idea was resumed but now more like an icon where the protocols and circumstances were designed to stablish when the clocks hands should be modified and placed prior to reaching the “Day of Judgment”.

Since that date important movements have been made where you can appreciate how close we have been for the hands to reach the clocks’ last tic, tac.

For example, when the President Truman announces in 1949, that the USSR (now Russia again) has made its first nuclear tests. Although the Soviets denied this fact, the nuclear arms race in the world had officially begun. The clock hands were placed at 23:57.

The worst scenario was in 1953 with the creation of Bomb H or Hydrogen Bomb where, in the test of such an artefact, an island called Eniwetok was erased from the map, 9 months later the USSR performed its tests with a similar bomb. The clock was located at 23:58.

There have been occasions where the cuckoo wanted to poke its head, and others like in 1991 where it seemed calmer with the clock showing 17 minutes before giving the catastrophic news, thanks to the nuclear arms reduction agreements between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The last time the thin needles were officially moved was in 2017 with the arrival of Trump to the presidency of the United States, the North Korean missile provocations, the conflict with Russia and on the other hand with China against the Americans and climate change have left us as a result at 23:57:30. In summary and in theory the same governments that should protect us, have us against the ropes. What a paradox!

Of course we have to be less naive to let ourselves get carried away by this clock.

We know well or at least we can imagine that the level of real possibilities of mass destruction is more complex, broad and devastating and less showy, but also more measured and cautious because if they decided to destroy this world for whatever reason, the question is: Whom they could manipulate and impose their control if we do not exist?

This writing Sunday comes to an end and I do not want to be late. I am still here alive and present … tic, tac.

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