I Think therefore I am: Descartes

I Think therefore I am: Descartes

I Think therefore I am

Human Intelligence

On this occasion I want to focus on a perspective of something fundamental that always accompanies me and dictates the forms of the various actions and different activities I undertake.

I need to clarify that what I am going to entrust to you is of the utmost importance to me and I hope that I will not be judged lightly.

In my youth I realized that both poetry, music and painting are the greatest manifestations of Intelligence that the human being possesses.

Some will tell me: “Pedro ! Architecture, engineering, ancient astronomy, mathematics, and so on …”

In fact, I appreciate them very much, but to carry out any of these disciplines it is necessary to have a poetic framework, a harmonious structure and a creative vision of appreciating the world.

Having said that, I start this section dedicated to these arts.

About poetry I have not read as much as I would like but for little that I know it has always left me in a contemplative state, possessed by the image shapped from words and how it was expressed.

Of the music, I will say that it is a pleasure to relive moments that marked times with this or that song.

I can not stop marveling about its different aspects in it’s most sublime expression, and not only I speak of Mozart, Beethoven or people who understand them with such greatness as Herbert von Karajan.

I also include contemporary groups such as Queen of whom I declare myself fan from my youth, of which I will tell you more about in another occasion.

And speaking of painting, I understood that it takes a different vision, a unique temperament and a passion that triggers an expression, a unique artistic manisfestation.

A different way of understanding life, and that gives way to the works of art or simply to incredible versions of the artist’s mind that can generate a dimension of different planes of existence.

Little by little I will be passing on information that I hope will please you to understand about what has marked me in these three areas and how they have influenced me so that a part of me is what I am today.

Cogito ergo sum.

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