Welcome to 2030

Welcome to 2030

Another brick in the wall:

There is an event called the World Economic Forum held every year in the city of Davos in Switzerland.

The world’s most influential political and economic leaders attend this meeting meet to discuss future plans for humankind.

One of the proposals which is taking a lot of boom is abolishing property and that all things belong to everybody.

Sounds very nice, especially if you listen to the presentations of Ida Auken, who is a member of the Danish Parliament and spokesperson for this concept.

You can also read her article:

Welcome to the year 2030. I do not own a house. I do not own equipment or clothes. “

This world they talk about would be fantastic, if we lived in a society with consciousness.

Where everyone will think about the common good and the progress of all.

For me, this is very disturbing, because we live in a controlling society.

I feel that many people will embrace this concept, because a great majority of people do not want to take responsibility for their lives, they expect others to do things for them, and expect the government to solve their lives.

When things go wrong it’s somebody else’s fault.

The idea is that, no one uses his car all the time, or his hammer, or his house. Therefore, to make better use, instead of having a car, in a way we rent it and when we do not need it, someone else uses it.

The same with everything we get to use.

Sounds good as I said at first.

But then who owns what we will use?

Precisely that elite which speaks of this future.

A government or corporate will be the one that will provide us with everything, and decide for us what to consume and will limit that consumption.

As everything will be automated they will decide for example, when and for how long we can use the heating.

What we will eat.

How much water we will have the right to use.

They will decide for us what to study, what vaccines to put on us and when, medicate our water so that we maybe docile for the common good.

It’s like saying I want to go to jail, there I have roof, my food and they take care of my basic necessities. I have it all figured out for me.

But what about our right to freely pursue our dreams?

To be free to choose and decide?

And what about the nostalgia, the warm memories of the family, of grandma’s clock that still chimes and the Cufflinks that my grandpa use to wear and that one day my children will inherit and will pass on to my grandchildren.

As our friend Roger Waters would say:

“It’s just another brick in the wall”

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