Read it and see it.

It is always advisable to have money inflows on regular basis and you have to be ingenious to make that money work for us. This can be true whether we are employees, entrepreneurs, people at home or retirees. This is called receiving a passive income. This is the way the rich do things.

It’s a bit long to explain in a few lines, so I advise you to read the books of Robert Kiyosaki, the finance guru. He explains clearly in his work and in a simple way, how to generate this passive income.

Summing up, in a few words, Kiyosaki makes a comparison between his dad who did not have much money. The poor dad and the rich dad of his friend, with lots of money. The rich dad.

Comparing both and sharing the knowledge he gained from the rich dad, he gives a formula of how to make money work and how one thinks and conceptualizes finances is critical in the outcome of being rich or poor.

Kiyosaki explains that for most people, their profession is their source of income, for the rich its their assets. He makes the recommendation, as I do, to know a little about everything. Learn a little about accounting, investments, about markets and laws, about sales, marketing, leadership, know how to write, how to speak and how to negotiate. Investing in knowledge generates the best interests. It is important to have knowledge to know how to make money legally and at the same time, avoid falling into the hands of scammers, ponzi systems and other types of fraud that abound in our current society.

I advise you vehemently to read his books from the series: “RICH DAD POOR DAD ”, and if you have the chance, do not miss the opportunity to attend one of his seminars. I know that in February 2017 he will be in Barcelona for one of his workshops. A rare opportunity for us Europeans, since these events usually take place in the United States. This will be his unique presentation in Europe.

You need to know how to manage your money and Kiyosaki’s books open the eyes of those who wish to have them open.

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