When You grow up

When You grow up

Back in the classroom when I was in primary school, they asked my classmates what they wanted to be when they were older. Most of them answered in a fantastic way, you know the typical “I will be a firefighter”, “and I policeman!” When my turn came, I just said while looking ahead: “director of a bank” …

I was just a kid when I decided on my vocation. Some of us know from an early age or intuit the path that we have to travel. I knew that my life was going to be closely linked to the financial world.

Academically I was hyperactive, having the ability to move in different areas I do not understand how I always effortlessly had the best grades. If we add (I like the word add) the fact that my father was very strict, military style, you’ll better understand the story for my excellent grades.

I usually try to go one step further and see beyond the obvious. I remember when I predicted to my teacher who was a follower of Marx, years before it happened, about the fall of the then USSR and communism and the gaps in socialism. She stated that I had to sit and watch the system succeed and I would answer things like: “Professor, I do not know what Russian citizens prefer, bullets or butter?”

I studied business administration and got a post-degree in Management.

I am an ISO specialist as an Integral Internal Auditor in ISO9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

I have over 30 years of work experience, of which 24 were in the Spanish financial sector. I started working in a bank at age 17. I hate mediocrity so I always try to stand out with different but well-founded proposals to obtain positive results.

I’ve learned and am convinced that in investment businesses or any kind of commercial transactions, you must be responsible and dynamic. Be proactive and have negotiating and leadership skills. It is important to recognize the willingness to work as a team. We must cultivate interpersonal relationships and show continuous aptitude for change and learning. From my collaborators I demand what I profess: To be committed to their assigned tasks, that they are analytical, critical and able to solve problems through good communication.

As a professional I have always followed the path of ethics and promoting human values ​​over money. I have never taken advantage of anyone and I am always looking for ways to achieve my goals honestly and with the vision to protect people who believe in me.

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