Pink Floyd, Stephen Hawking and I

Pink Floyd, Stephen Hawking and I

I should start by explaining the title of this writing because it may seem very presumptuous.

We all know on a smaller or larger scale this British progressive rock band Pink Floyd.

As a curious fact I will say that the name of the band was suggested by Syd Barrt, who was a member that lasted a short time in the group, and derives from the combination of a pair of blues singers, I mean Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

There is a lot more history about the name and the group itself, but it is not my intention to get into the fantastic trajectory of this legendary group that I enjoy so much.

This is the first element I refer to in the title.

On the other hand the second reference in the title is Stephen Hawking, a great theoretical physicist with a privileged mind and literally out of this world.

I share with him the taste for scientific disclosure, cosmology and astrophysics.

Of course you have to understand that my knowledge is on a tiny and ridiculous scale compared to what he knows.

However, that doesn’t stop me to be passionate about these topics.

As it is well known, Hawking suffers from a serious neuromotor disorder, related to sclerosis.

It’s hard to imagine the paradox of living with that chaotic personal physical situation, while at the same time having a mind dedicated to theorize about the physical enigmas of the universe.

And now the best part, what do Stephen Hawking and Pink Floyd have in common?

That they are fans of each other, and I’m a fan of both.

The highlight of all this is that Pink Floyd members dedicated him a song called “Keep Talking”, included in the incredibly delicious album “The Division Bell” of 1994. In this cut, you can hear at the beginning Hawking’s “real” robotic voice, which in turn was manipulated and processed to sound like it comes from another planet.

The result was such that this single reached number one on the list of the prestigious musical magazine “Billboard”.

This is not the end of this conjunction since the astrophysicist lent his voice once again to enrich the sounds of Pink Floyd and now we can also hear it in the song “Talking Hawking” from the sequel to “The Division Bell”, a 2013 album called “Endless River”.

Thanks to this union, I can now say more than ever, that I like to hear Stephen speak more every time.

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