Every day we will hear more about technologies such as Face Recognition and Biometry.

Both technologies are focused on recording, analyzing and keeping unique characteristics of each individual, in order to recognize and differentiate it from the rest of mortal beings.

Each of us has unique features that are unrepeatable, such as the face, fingerprints, DNA, eye retina, etc.

And precisely this technology is developed to recognize the differences and to identify an individual when comparing it against a database, where previously the individual data of each one of us has been stored.

It is an impressive technology that is being perfected and you’ve surely seen its performance in television series or movies.

There are also many articles about it. It is the corporations and governments that begin to use these systems for the benefit of all.

It is very comforting to know that everything they do is for our benefit.

Thus, one of the points is:


That no one, for example, can impersonate us, detect wanted persons or with a criminal background, catch terrorists, prevent a scam or fraud, etc.


Identifications will no longer be needed and all procedures and processes of various kinds will be much faster.

There are serious plans that have begun to be implemented.

For example, at Sydney’s Airport Australia this year a system of biometric machines will be implemented that will check fingerprint, face and iris of the eye.

The passport will no longer be required and the passengers will process themselves, eliminating the need for an immigration agent.

USA has similar plans, only they want to take it one step further.

They want to install machines that in addition of the above, will measure the physiological reactions of people, very similar to the lie detector, so that the machine that scans a person will detect if one is nervous, afraid, if one lies in answering the questions, etc.

The UN has also announced since 2015 that it has plans to follow biometric tracking of all humans on the face of the earth, by creating a central data bank in Geneva.

This of course to improve our lives and improve their ability to serve us. Completion date is 2030.

Citibank, for its part, wants to deploy ATMs that will not require a card, but rather employ biometrics to deliver the money.

MasterCard already announced for the summer the system to make payments online without card, but, you guessed it, the facial scan.

And they say “it’s going to be something that will enchant us”. Apparently they already count on the support of several companies, like Samsung, Apple, Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry among others.

We will no longer be afraid to forget or lose our cards.


Facebook is counteracting demands about its technology that scans the photos that everyone puts online and pass them through facial recognition programs, and then store the information.

They claim that this information belongs to them because people give their data voluntarily.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has just opened a pilot branch in Beijing.

In their establishment they use machines with technology of facial recognition.

And according to the mood, age and sex of the client, machines make the recommendation of what they would like to eat.

The customer pays through his cell phone and the information is stored to serve him in his next visit.

Welcome to the Matrix!

All these wonders that they strive to develop so that we live better, are nothing more than just another brick in the wall.

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