Pedro´s Fort Honor


As some will know I have been slandered and falsely accused by the Spanish newspaper EL PAIS.

This situation has gone around the world through the media and social networks, by unscrupulous people, who have not only taken such false information, without investigating its truthfulness, but they have added lies on top of it, with the purpose of scandalizing and obtaining ratings.

Defamation and creating negative situations around a person, company or product in order to discredit it has become commonplace and is called “Astroturfing” (it comes from Astro Turf, a trademark of synthetic carpets that imitate the lawn.

The term was used to indicate something created artificially).

Although it is nothing new, and originally is something used as a marketing tool to launch an idea, opinion about a person, product, etc., making believe that it is something spontaneous that comes from public opinion, gradually it has become a way of discrediting competitors.

For example, a company, instead of saying that its product is very good, what it does is to pay a smear campaign against a competitor, making believe that its product is bad, harmful … inventing statistics, cases with fictional testimonials.

Articles are written and people are paid to create blogs, post comments on social networks, giving the impression that everyone is aware of it and agrees.

The same is done with people and is also used a lot in politics.

This is the world we live in.

To discredit someone or something, is the simplest thing that exists.

If a lie is said, it is spread and repeated enough, it becomes “truth” and no one questions it and involuntarily the people eager to warn their neighbor, join the smear campaign, spreading it and adding even more fictional data or out of context that justify their support to a cause that they really do not know anything about.

I cannot attack the whole network, but I can go against the obvious source that has stained my name and discredited my business.

Therefore, I have sued the newspaper EL PAÍS and the journalist who originated the story.

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