My countryman Gaudí.

My countryman Gaudí.

The great Barcelona, ​​beautiful, prosperous, city dedicated to human creativity, iconic and inspiring.

A lot of that thanks to the genius of Gaudí.

Let’s do an exercise:

I suggest this experiment only to realize the dimensions of the genius of this great architect.

Imagine that we enter a large room. It gives the impression of being a laboratory of strange sculptures.

In the middle there is one that stands out and gets all the attention.

It is an unequaled model that gives the impression of being an organic skeleton, with a structural base that refers us to an urban construction because a door is distinguished.

The rest of this sculpture is based on strings, from each extremity hang small sacks with a certain weight (he called them funicules) that are used as counterweights, so each string creates a curvature, and there are many, and each one expresses harmony.

We can see how an exquisite visual set is created, with scattered and capriciously zigzagging anchors.

Here and there mirrors can be seen.

He uses them for the design, and so this set becomes an artistic expression rather than an architectural model.

There it is Antoni Gaudí i Cornet, better known simply as Gaudí.

Silence, genius at work.

Here he constructs visions, concepts, creations come from a different mind.

We know that in this workshop hysterical edges and straight lines that do not exist in nature are forbidden.

The day ends, Gaudí with his unconcerned physique of any fashion, takes his things, closes his workshop that curiously is located where today stands the Sacred Family.

It is an open ground that in the future will become the heart of Barcelona.

He is on his way to his rented house, a geometric house and designed with all the technique that causes him so much mental noise.

Once asleep, his mind leads him to live in his own house.

One built by himself.

He can see and touch its dimensions, enjoy its rhythms and its dynamics.

Gaudí dreams because real life is strange and that, the dream, will never happen.

Innovative and visionary architect, he achieved masterpieces that are unique in their type and conception.

Gaudí is the type of person who changes the world and its stereotypes only by moving himself away from the axis of the established.

He knew that he could not see the Sacred Family finished.

He calculated that it would take more than a hundred years to finish.

As the project was too ambitious.

Yet he always had it in mind and while he lived he added several personal touches to it, such as the facade called “The Passion “, where his magic square is, four by four squares, with numbers in each, the sum of the numbers in any direction equal 33, the age of Christ before dying.

A little known fact is that for more than fifteen years, there is a process of beatification for this great personage.

This is due to the fact that some miracleshave been attributed to him, in addition of being recognized as an accomplished devotee.

It is time for me to dream, but since I know the work of Gaudí I feel very identified and inspired by him, because my way of thinking lies in trying to get out of the established and create new models, different schemes.

For this reason and some others Gaudi and I we speak the same language.


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