Notre Dame de Paris

Passion with Notre Dame de Paris

Paris is well worth a Mass, Henry IV said.

I would say that Paris is worth much more than that!

The first time I visited Paris, it was during my honeymoon trip.

At that time, I thought it would be the only time I would have a chance to visit the capital of France.

During this trip I lived an experience, which according to my memories was quite mystical.

I was in front of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris with my wife, when an elderly man, very mysterious, approached us.

He spoke to us in Spanish, with a strong French accent, and as if sharing the greatest secret, advised us to enter Our Lady of Paris.

Looking me in the eye, with a sparkling look, he told me that if I entered the cathedral at that time, it would not be the last time I would see Paris, but on the contrary, I would return many times to visit this city.

And disappeared.

I followed his advice, intrigued, but not really believing.

I was struck by the beauty and the special atmosphere that reigns inside.

I could understand why, according to what is said, many people converted to Catholicism when visiting the cathedral.

But above all, this gentleman was right, since then I have often returned to Paris, whether on vacation or to do business.

And what to say of “Notre Dame” that captivates all its visitors, which inspires great writers like Victor Hugo to write a wonderful novel.

In the past, the sick who went to “Notre Dame” to implore God to heal them, stayed there, in one of the small chapels, until their complete remission.

Our Lady of Paris, according to the believers, has three relics of the passion of Christ.

The crown of thorns, a piece of the cross on which he was crucified and one of the nails used to hold up his body to the cross.

Also the fact that the school of Gothic architecture, was born almost overnight, very different from the other Roman school, which was its contemporary, is still a question mark.

If to that, we add all the legends about the alchemical formulas that are engraved in the walls.

In addition, recent studies done through laser scans show that the center of the cathedral is imperfect in its construction and that this is not due to a mistake, but was purposely done to give it more aesthetic, which demonstrates even more the mastery of its architectonic.

Contradictorily, it makes of “Notre Dame” a perfect enigmatic jewel!!!

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