Chicxulub “Flea of the Devil”

Chicxulub “Flea of the Devil”

The immediate question is:

What the heck am I talking about with this title?

Nothing less than the name of the place of the asteroid impact, that supposedly caused mass extinction of many living plant and animal species on Earth, including of course the group of reptiles called dinosaurs.

Maybe it happened, why not ?, a day like today but 65 million years ago.

The asteroid of approximately 10 to 15 kilometers in diameter appeared in the terrestrial air space and arrived on time? For its appointment.

The bad news is that it had the worst trajectory to fall on this planet. I’ll explain later, but first I want to get into a little more detail.

Its epicenter was a few miles from the present day town called Chicxulub that in Maya means something like the “flea of ​​the Devil”, and is located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

It was in the 1970’s that the relationship between the fall of a celestial body, the mass extinction of species and Chicxulub was established.

The “landing” of this meteor made a gap of 300 kilometers and is assumed to have caused the disappearance of three quarters of the biodiversity here on Earth.

A few minutes before or after would have made the difference in terms of the damage caused.

At least this is how scientists from around the world are handling it (Mexico, Spain, Germany, United States, Canada, France, Austria and Puerto Rico). Involved in drilling, analyzing and studying the impact site to be able to delve into the effects it had on the change in the ocean currents of the Caribbean coasts and the Gulf of Mexico.

They also want to understand the processes of climate change and the disappearance of dinosaurs and other species.

In short, the processes of a massive extinction, with the findings that are performed.

Perhaps they can also understand the conditions that favored the development, adaptation and evolution of life in this world as we know it today.

It seems to me that very valuable arguments and theorems can emerge from these investigations and one of them already came out “afloat” direct from the waters. Reports indicate that the asteroid fell in very shallow waters, caused incredible volumes of sulfur (which is highly deadly), and that in this case steam from the mineral gypsum, were scattered at “meteoric” speed and quantity forming acid rain and total darkness, that did not allow the entrance of the Astro King for a long period.

With this fact the global terrestrial winter was prolonged, much longer than if it had hit the open sea either in the Atlantic or the Pacific or simply in another area of ​​the world.

But it had to fall always in the most dramatic, which ironically was at the right time and place, to allow the emergence of new species, and that makes mi write today about it and you read this.

And to wrap up I will keep this thought:

The mechanics of such an event must have been something so monumental that the mind can not conceive in its totality everything that happened around this event.

I can not imagine the noise, the suction, the temperatures, the pressures, the mushroom of the explosion …, in short, the magnitude so “out of this world” that must have been the arrival of the asteroid.

I think the same science should try to calculate the thousands of variables and physical effects based on theories, a lot of logic, count on satellite studies and geological tests, and observation on site to be able to at least try to reconstruct such a catastrophic scene.

Chicxulub “Flea of the Devil”

Bunker Roy and the Barefoot College with the People-Centered Design

Bunker Roy and the Barefoot College with the People-Centered Design


I’ve always had the idea to contribute to improve the well-being of people.

I am implementing the global initiative of the People-Centered Design.

This is something that already exists, it’s happening and I want to be part of this movement.

So, I work day by day with that mission.

One fine day and it will be soon, I will make a difference.

It is true that there will always be obstacles, and they have to be drawn in an optimal way.

A factor of a well-structured business plan requires, apart from all the basic concepts of business model and other structures, a lot of patience and vision.

This is the case that I will expose.

Bunker Roy, fantastic visionary and creator of a concept that has left me optimistic about humanity.

This is a story, full of passion, perseverance and open mindedness of who can make a difference.

Why, how and what?

With solving this golden circle of questions in mind in 1972, the Social World and Research Center (SWRC) was created or as it is also known: Barefoot College, which is a unique voluntary organization.

This effort was implemented in Rajasthan, India, specifically in the Villa of Tilonia.

The central idea of ​​this College model founded by Bunker Roy, is that people who live in rural communities will be the ones to solve situations in different areas of their lives.

In this College, people learn about adapting energy technologies to their community, having the health knowledge to heal their neighbor, solving the challenges of having water, transmitting the knowledge and skills of each site’s culture and, finally, to create a sustainable community through dedicated studies.

The people are the protagonists: learning, performing and teaching.

It does not matter if people know how to read, whether or not they have the minimum schooling to carry out the job implementation that normally requires many years of schooling and dedicated studies.

Of course, to achieve this, in the beginning they are trained directly in a topic, for example: how to install and even produce solar panels. Then they work on it until it’s accomplished.

At all times must prevail the awareness that everything is done for a common good.

In such a way the children also enter into this educational concept.

Since infants have to collaborate daily with activities in their homes, they created exclusive evening classes for them.

Thus all sectors fall into this role of mutual aid.

Bunker Roy focused a lot on women and empowered them to be project leaders.

The school has worked in an extraordinary way and gives us an impeccable example of conscience and collective work.

Anyone will say that this is not new and that it is an extension of socialist philosophy.

It may be, but the Bunker Roy model, which by the way is one of the 100 most influential people in the world, is proven to work and I hope it lasts for long.

The reality is that the Barefoot College has already made a major change in a large part of India and Africa.

It is known that more than three million people already have work thanks to this school system.

Let’s look for the Bunker Roy that we carry inside. We need many like him.

I leave some videos and their official site so that you know one more of this magnificent concept.



Bunker Roy and the Barefoot College with the People-Centered Design

National Anthems without lyrics at all

National Anthems without lyrics at all

National anthems represent an identity, a character; Is the belonging, the intimacy and the exhibition of a nation in front of the world.

We can find them focused on various styles, tones and themes.

While some talk about hope, others do it in a warlike manner, of brotherhood, joy, welcome, simple presence and in general, they all converge in a common subject which is an allegory to freedom.

The national anthems are songs, emblems to the fact of existing, of being alive.

I am not a musician but I know that metrics, harmony, arrangements and of course the lyrics create an environment that can provide pleasure to several of our senses.

The anthems can be very subjective when it comes to appreciating them, in particular I agree that the Marseillaise is one of the most beautiful.

Also recognized among the most beautiful are the Russian, the Mexican, the Japanese, the Nepalese, the Brazilian, the Chinese, the Hindu, the German among others…

Perhaps there is a “top ten” of the most beautiful anthems. You know that humans quantify everything, But in this case it would be very absurd to have such a list, because we would never be able to satisfy everyone.

What is likely, is to make an estimate of the most heard anthems, but that is another story.

But what about anthems that have no lyrics?

What is their story?

The Spanish anthem, for example is famous for its lack of words.

A message expressing something about the country, about its people, customs, or its national philosophy is missing.

However, it has a name.

“The Grenadier March ” was its first name, later it evolved to be “The Royal March “, which incidentally has a sound somewhat military.

Composed in 1770, it is one of the oldest in Europe, and it was King Charles III who declared it the official “March of Honor” that prevails till today.

More curious yet is that its author is unknown.

It is speculated that it was Manuel Espinoza of the Monteros who created it, but there is no official document that can witness this fact.

There is no shortage of proposals to write some lyrics.

Even Plácido Domingo has offered to sing it if some lyrics were written. The wait continues for the longing verses that will dress this march.

As far as I know, there are three other anthems that do not have lyrics either: the ones from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and San Marino.

I leave some links with anthems that are worth listening for several reasons. One of them being to learn a little more about the human being and his needs for to connect to this world.

National Anthems without lyrics at all

The majestic Folies Bergère’s theater

The majestic Folies Bergère’s theater

When you walk through Paris life changes. It is a place that takes your breath away and leaves you mystified.

Its streets and boulevards are majestic and it is a city that has an overpowering and charming character like no other.

Every place has its own history and is full of life.

Leaving aside so many themes that are worthy of Paris, I will focus on a particular theme, since visiting the Folies Bergère is an experience worth living.

The City of Light is more enriched by these kinds of entertainment venues.

The Folies Bergère or the Moulin Rouge are both a guide mark to have fun and spend an unparalleled moment.

Personally, I have really enjoyed the presentations of the first one.

One can be delighted with the staging of an opera, a musical comedy, a play, or a presentation like no other.

As an example, I will say that Charles Chaplin, Frank Sinatra, Édith Piaf, Stan Laurel and even Mata Hari among many others performed in the same stage.

In mentioning those luminaries I cannot fail to mention the actress, singer and dancer Joséphine Baker “The Bronze Venus”. Dressed in her small Banana Skirt.

An intriguing fact about her, is that she was honored to receive the Cross of War for the aid she gave to the French army during WW2.

It is so fascinating visiting the Folies Bergère. There are artists who have dedicated some of their work to honor this place.

One of them was Guy de Maupassant, French writer who mentions it in one of his novels.

Another, Eduard Manet who painted an extraordinary and magnificent painting in 1881 called “A bar of the Folies Bergère” where you can see a woman in front of a mirror.

I emphasize in the mirror as experts in the subject, noticed that the reflection in the mirror is impossible because it does not match the view that should have the man with a top hat and mustache that is located at the far right of the picture. The error could be explained in two ways: The man should not be present in the picture or the reflection of the woman in the mirror should not have existed.

I leave an image of the painting to illustrate the point.

But let’s continue with the Folies Bergère.

It opened its doors on May 2, 1869 under the name Folies Trèvise.

Had to change its name because the Duke of Trèvise complained that his family name was associated with a cabaret.

It was modified to Folies Bergère that has nothing to do with an “important” person and was simply named thus using the name of a street nearby the theater.

Bergère means “shepherdess” and that does not bother anyone.

Its first facade was typical of the streets of Paris, it was not ugly, but in the 1930s it changed the exterior to an Art Deco style that further adorned the building.

What better than to leave you a couple of videos with some history of this great place and encourage you to visit this historical site full of fun.


The majestic Folies Bergère’s theater

(VR) Virtual Reality

(VR) Virtual Reality

Mankind Virtually Real.

It is already here and each time we step forward in leaps and bounds in the delicate and dangerous but at the same time fascinating world of Virtual Reality.

About the VR I will only say that for those who are not familiar with it, that it consists of putting on a helmet or special glasses that isolate us from this world as we know it.

For greater safety and to enhance the experience different devices are used, for example a frame containing a harness that holds us from the waist down with a treadmill type endless band, whose function is to keep us stable when we are using the lower limbs, while we are disassociated from real life.

Your life changes when you connect, wherever you turn there is this alternate world. The only way out of it is not to forget the “on and off” switch.

Now, everything that happens in that environment is supposed to be fiction, is it not?

The scopes are incredible, they are dichotomous, from moral to amoral, from the logical to the illogical, it touches the fantastic, the scientific, the recreational, the sordid, the excessive, the chaotic.

It is an experience without precedent. In short, it is the describable and the indescribable.

The VR is imposing, it generates doubts, expectations, but in short, it is somewhat frightening to think about what would a society immersed in an alien and independent reality become.

Even though there are virtual encounters between human beings through this vehicle.

Total simulators.

I want to briefly give you my point of view.

In the scientific area we can already appreciate its large scale use in thousands of applications.

For example to travel outside this blue planet without the implied risk involved. In aeronautics different companies and institutions make use of this technology for takeoffs, maneuvers, landings, etc. and its use has become indispensable.

In medicine, open heart surgery, dissections, lobotomies already occur and are practiced and experienced from a simulator in a separate world.

The same is true in many areas such as the weapon industry or the sports field, where training and strategies are based on VR procedures.

I could go on and on, but I leave you with a personal thought:

Normal people will have access to the VR watching the news. For example, they will be transported where the action takes place.

They will witness all kinds of situations, from attending the Olympic Games, or the onsite roughness of war, of course without dying or sustaining wounds from a weapon.

We will enter the fantastic world of video games where we will go hand in hand with Mario Bros or will be a medieval princess’ hero or sorrowfully we will be a hit man, a rapist, or a pimp.

There in those underworlds, in those spaces where everything that will happen, will be a “reality”.

Movies will become a live experience.

Our social relationships might be encounters in fictitious scenarios but in real time. Courses, “attendance” to school, everything and more will give us the “opportunity” to be part of an alternate world without leaving home.

As long as we put on the helmet, everything will be possible.

I hope I’m exaggerating but it does not seem like an unthinkable scenario to me.

A future that virtually will be virtual.

(VR) Virtual Reality

Fortress between two rivers: Besalú

Fortress between two rivers: Besalú

I have already commented that the greatness of human beings seems to have no limit, discover, create, construct, and paradoxically destroy all of the above.

Apparently that is the true mission of this disturbing race to which we belong, but as long as there is evidence that we are fabulous, will have to value and highlight it.

This is the case of Besalú.

A castle like the one that appears in the stories of the charming prince, like the one that has been conformed and has been protagonist in the books of the most fantastic adventures or battles, and even being part of the atmosphere on the cinema or television screens.

It is located near the border with France, in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. It’s a mediaeval town in the comarca of the Garrotxa, in Gerona, Spain.

Fortunately, Besalú was designated as a “Historical National Property” in 1966.

I would declare it World Heritage Site, not every day is built something so majestic.

With an architecture that represents the medieval era dates from the X century, is perched and crowns an imposing hill “The Cornador”.

Definitely over time many things have changed especially in its layout, but the town still retains the existence of the wealth of its buildings and constructions, such as the extraordinary bridge where you can still enter when going to visit, which features a gateway at its midpoint.

On the other hand are the ritual Jewish baths (mikveh) dating from the eleventh or twelfth century (we know that Jews have a long history in these latitudes), the typical church of the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pedro Besalú and San Julián, the ancient House Cornellá and the church of Sant Viçens and the imposing Gothic room of the Palace of the Royal Curia.

The rural landscape is charming as a whole and part of the mysticism lies in that it is crossed by two beautiful rivers: the Riera Capellada and the Fluviá.

Today is an important tourist site and full of life. If someone gets to go remember to eat the breads made in the ovens of long ago that are a delight if they have just been taken out.

I leave a link with a video that portrays quite well and reliably what this place is.

Let us enjoy what this world has to offer!

Fortress between two rivers: Besalú