(VR) Virtual Reality

(VR) Virtual Reality

Mankind Virtually Real.

It is already here and each time we step forward in leaps and bounds in the delicate and dangerous but at the same time fascinating world of Virtual Reality.

About the VR I will only say that for those who are not familiar with it, that it consists of putting on a helmet or special glasses that isolate us from this world as we know it.

For greater safety and to enhance the experience different devices are used, for example a frame containing a harness that holds us from the waist down with a treadmill type endless band, whose function is to keep us stable when we are using the lower limbs, while we are disassociated from real life.

Your life changes when you connect, wherever you turn there is this alternate world. The only way out of it is not to forget the “on and off” switch.

Now, everything that happens in that environment is supposed to be fiction, is it not?

The scopes are incredible, they are dichotomous, from moral to amoral, from the logical to the illogical, it touches the fantastic, the scientific, the recreational, the sordid, the excessive, the chaotic.

It is an experience without precedent. In short, it is the describable and the indescribable.

The VR is imposing, it generates doubts, expectations, but in short, it is somewhat frightening to think about what would a society immersed in an alien and independent reality become.

Even though there are virtual encounters between human beings through this vehicle.

Total simulators.

I want to briefly give you my point of view.

In the scientific area we can already appreciate its large scale use in thousands of applications.

For example to travel outside this blue planet without the implied risk involved. In aeronautics different companies and institutions make use of this technology for takeoffs, maneuvers, landings, etc. and its use has become indispensable.

In medicine, open heart surgery, dissections, lobotomies already occur and are practiced and experienced from a simulator in a separate world.

The same is true in many areas such as the weapon industry or the sports field, where training and strategies are based on VR procedures.

I could go on and on, but I leave you with a personal thought:

Normal people will have access to the VR watching the news. For example, they will be transported where the action takes place.

They will witness all kinds of situations, from attending the Olympic Games, or the onsite roughness of war, of course without dying or sustaining wounds from a weapon.

We will enter the fantastic world of video games where we will go hand in hand with Mario Bros or will be a medieval princess’ hero or sorrowfully we will be a hit man, a rapist, or a pimp.

There in those underworlds, in those spaces where everything that will happen, will be a “reality”.

Movies will become a live experience.

Our social relationships might be encounters in fictitious scenarios but in real time. Courses, “attendance” to school, everything and more will give us the “opportunity” to be part of an alternate world without leaving home.

As long as we put on the helmet, everything will be possible.

I hope I’m exaggerating but it does not seem like an unthinkable scenario to me.

A future that virtually will be virtual.

(VR) Virtual Reality

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