The majestic Folies Bergère’s theater

The majestic Folies Bergère’s theater

When you walk through Paris life changes. It is a place that takes your breath away and leaves you mystified.

Its streets and boulevards are majestic and it is a city that has an overpowering and charming character like no other.

Every place has its own history and is full of life.

Leaving aside so many themes that are worthy of Paris, I will focus on a particular theme, since visiting the Folies Bergère is an experience worth living.

The City of Light is more enriched by these kinds of entertainment venues.

The Folies Bergère or the Moulin Rouge are both a guide mark to have fun and spend an unparalleled moment.

Personally, I have really enjoyed the presentations of the first one.

One can be delighted with the staging of an opera, a musical comedy, a play, or a presentation like no other.

As an example, I will say that Charles Chaplin, Frank Sinatra, Édith Piaf, Stan Laurel and even Mata Hari among many others performed in the same stage.

In mentioning those luminaries I cannot fail to mention the actress, singer and dancer Joséphine Baker “The Bronze Venus”. Dressed in her small Banana Skirt.

An intriguing fact about her, is that she was honored to receive the Cross of War for the aid she gave to the French army during WW2.

It is so fascinating visiting the Folies Bergère. There are artists who have dedicated some of their work to honor this place.

One of them was Guy de Maupassant, French writer who mentions it in one of his novels.

Another, Eduard Manet who painted an extraordinary and magnificent painting in 1881 called “A bar of the Folies Bergère” where you can see a woman in front of a mirror.

I emphasize in the mirror as experts in the subject, noticed that the reflection in the mirror is impossible because it does not match the view that should have the man with a top hat and mustache that is located at the far right of the picture. The error could be explained in two ways: The man should not be present in the picture or the reflection of the woman in the mirror should not have existed.

I leave an image of the painting to illustrate the point.

But let’s continue with the Folies Bergère.

It opened its doors on May 2, 1869 under the name Folies Trèvise.

Had to change its name because the Duke of Trèvise complained that his family name was associated with a cabaret.

It was modified to Folies Bergère that has nothing to do with an “important” person and was simply named thus using the name of a street nearby the theater.

Bergère means “shepherdess” and that does not bother anyone.

Its first facade was typical of the streets of Paris, it was not ugly, but in the 1930s it changed the exterior to an Art Deco style that further adorned the building.

What better than to leave you a couple of videos with some history of this great place and encourage you to visit this historical site full of fun.


The majestic Folies Bergère’s theater

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