Bunker Roy and the Barefoot College with the People-Centered Design

Bunker Roy and the Barefoot College with the People-Centered Design


I’ve always had the idea to contribute to improve the well-being of people.

I am implementing the global initiative of the People-Centered Design.

This is something that already exists, it’s happening and I want to be part of this movement.

So, I work day by day with that mission.

One fine day and it will be soon, I will make a difference.

It is true that there will always be obstacles, and they have to be drawn in an optimal way.

A factor of a well-structured business plan requires, apart from all the basic concepts of business model and other structures, a lot of patience and vision.

This is the case that I will expose.

Bunker Roy, fantastic visionary and creator of a concept that has left me optimistic about humanity.

This is a story, full of passion, perseverance and open mindedness of who can make a difference.

Why, how and what?

With solving this golden circle of questions in mind in 1972, the Social World and Research Center (SWRC) was created or as it is also known: Barefoot College, which is a unique voluntary organization.

This effort was implemented in Rajasthan, India, specifically in the Villa of Tilonia.

The central idea of ​​this College model founded by Bunker Roy, is that people who live in rural communities will be the ones to solve situations in different areas of their lives.

In this College, people learn about adapting energy technologies to their community, having the health knowledge to heal their neighbor, solving the challenges of having water, transmitting the knowledge and skills of each site’s culture and, finally, to create a sustainable community through dedicated studies.

The people are the protagonists: learning, performing and teaching.

It does not matter if people know how to read, whether or not they have the minimum schooling to carry out the job implementation that normally requires many years of schooling and dedicated studies.

Of course, to achieve this, in the beginning they are trained directly in a topic, for example: how to install and even produce solar panels. Then they work on it until it’s accomplished.

At all times must prevail the awareness that everything is done for a common good.

In such a way the children also enter into this educational concept.

Since infants have to collaborate daily with activities in their homes, they created exclusive evening classes for them.

Thus all sectors fall into this role of mutual aid.

Bunker Roy focused a lot on women and empowered them to be project leaders.

The school has worked in an extraordinary way and gives us an impeccable example of conscience and collective work.

Anyone will say that this is not new and that it is an extension of socialist philosophy.

It may be, but the Bunker Roy model, which by the way is one of the 100 most influential people in the world, is proven to work and I hope it lasts for long.

The reality is that the Barefoot College has already made a major change in a large part of India and Africa.

It is known that more than three million people already have work thanks to this school system.

Let’s look for the Bunker Roy that we carry inside. We need many like him.

I leave some videos and their official site so that you know one more of this magnificent concept.



Bunker Roy and the Barefoot College with the People-Centered Design

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