Chicxulub “Flea of the Devil”

Chicxulub “Flea of the Devil”

The immediate question is:

What the heck am I talking about with this title?

Nothing less than the name of the place of the asteroid impact, that supposedly caused mass extinction of many living plant and animal species on Earth, including of course the group of reptiles called dinosaurs.

Maybe it happened, why not ?, a day like today but 65 million years ago.

The asteroid of approximately 10 to 15 kilometers in diameter appeared in the terrestrial air space and arrived on time? For its appointment.

The bad news is that it had the worst trajectory to fall on this planet. I’ll explain later, but first I want to get into a little more detail.

Its epicenter was a few miles from the present day town called Chicxulub that in Maya means something like the “flea of ​​the Devil”, and is located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

It was in the 1970’s that the relationship between the fall of a celestial body, the mass extinction of species and Chicxulub was established.

The “landing” of this meteor made a gap of 300 kilometers and is assumed to have caused the disappearance of three quarters of the biodiversity here on Earth.

A few minutes before or after would have made the difference in terms of the damage caused.

At least this is how scientists from around the world are handling it (Mexico, Spain, Germany, United States, Canada, France, Austria and Puerto Rico). Involved in drilling, analyzing and studying the impact site to be able to delve into the effects it had on the change in the ocean currents of the Caribbean coasts and the Gulf of Mexico.

They also want to understand the processes of climate change and the disappearance of dinosaurs and other species.

In short, the processes of a massive extinction, with the findings that are performed.

Perhaps they can also understand the conditions that favored the development, adaptation and evolution of life in this world as we know it today.

It seems to me that very valuable arguments and theorems can emerge from these investigations and one of them already came out “afloat” direct from the waters. Reports indicate that the asteroid fell in very shallow waters, caused incredible volumes of sulfur (which is highly deadly), and that in this case steam from the mineral gypsum, were scattered at “meteoric” speed and quantity forming acid rain and total darkness, that did not allow the entrance of the Astro King for a long period.

With this fact the global terrestrial winter was prolonged, much longer than if it had hit the open sea either in the Atlantic or the Pacific or simply in another area of ​​the world.

But it had to fall always in the most dramatic, which ironically was at the right time and place, to allow the emergence of new species, and that makes mi write today about it and you read this.

And to wrap up I will keep this thought:

The mechanics of such an event must have been something so monumental that the mind can not conceive in its totality everything that happened around this event.

I can not imagine the noise, the suction, the temperatures, the pressures, the mushroom of the explosion …, in short, the magnitude so “out of this world” that must have been the arrival of the asteroid.

I think the same science should try to calculate the thousands of variables and physical effects based on theories, a lot of logic, count on satellite studies and geological tests, and observation on site to be able to at least try to reconstruct such a catastrophic scene.

Chicxulub “Flea of the Devil”

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