The spanish carpenter-builder of ideas

The spanish carpenter-builder of ideas 

It turns out that a good friend of mine, has told me that right here in Barcelona lives a man of great genius.

His name is Herminio Fernández Fernández and he is carpenter.

Mr. Fernández is retired and has dedicated part of his free time in trying to unveil one of the greatest mysteries in human history, and that has to do with the construction methods of the pyramids of Egypt.

Before we continue, let us ponder that the Egyptians moved about two million stone blocks of more than two tons each.

When one simply writes or reads it, there is no idea in the mind of what this means, no matter how much one thinks about it, there is no parameter of comparison with anything we have seen or lived to recreate these moving figures.

Now, if we add that with today’s technology would be an extraordinary task, less is one able to conceive how did the Egyptians build such prodigious monuments.

The ingenuity of the human being is revealed by these pyramids and we can follow with art, architecture and an endless number of disciplines that require human intervention.

In this way Mr. Herminio has developed a machine of a dignified simplicity and worthy of admiration and definitely valued for its creativity, functionality and exquisite proposal.

It is a device that in the logical way adds to the steps of the pyramid to move the material in a relatively simple way.

The mechanism is based on two crossbars with cams or teeth that lean on the steps, a platform that fits these cams and that by means of two levers can move stones of more than 100 kilos as if it were to move 15 kilos.

Awesome isn’t it?

Herminio says that he developed this mechanism on pure and logic observation since he did not create a plan nor did he make any calculation before starting to build his prototype in miniature.

Seeing that it was feasible on a small scale, he built the machine on the rooftop of his house with which he shows us the way it works and the effort required to move hundreds of kilos easily.

I have said before, that people who innovate, who leave the established to create or build great things from the challenge of novelty, has my respect and total recognition.

That is why I dedicate this writing and I hope that many people will know him.

I leave this video that shows the man and his machine in action.

Let’s continue building.

The spanish carpenter-builder of ideas

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