Attitude is everything

Attitude is everything


Today I would like to go deeper into the subject of our daily attitude and the impact it has on our lives.

I have already discussed a little bit about it in the article on telomeres.

There are very serious studies about how our thoughts and emotions chemically impact our body.

A positive attitude impacts favorably our body and all around us, while a negative impact unfavorably.

Dr. Neuroscientist Candice Pert was one of the pioneers at the scientific level in demonstrating this relationship between emotions and the chemical impact on the body.

She proved how positive or negative thoughts have an impact on our health.

For those who are interested in the subject, I recommend her book “Molecules of Emotion”.

Recent studies about the brain, and in particular brain waves, show that when the brain enters a frequency range, it emits neurochemicals of various types.

As we know the brain works on a multi-level of frequencies ranging from the Beta waves, to the Epsilon waves.

In these studies they have found that for example when the brain emits waves at 10Hz, it releases serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that reduces pain and increases pleasure.

It is also known as the “feel good” chemical.

These waves are known as alpha (8-13.9Hz).

This state is the state of relaxation, anti-stress, helps creativity and is very beneficial to health. It is also known as a state of meditation. In Japan for example, executives have such a level of stress that there is a high rate of heart problems and even deaths.

There, they teach the executives to meditate, precisely to counteract.

I myself in particular, I’m too hyperactive to meditate, but I compensate by cooking.

There are also methods such as psycho-acoustics, which is nothing more than listening to certain sounds and music to adjust the patterns of the brain.

Headphones are used for this purpose. For example, there are recordings that in one ear send sounds at 200Hz and in the other 210Hz, the difference of 10Hz called Binaural Beat produces those 10Hz waves in the brain.

Getting the desired effect. The same is used to induce other states of consciousness, such as Theta, Delta, etc.

This therapy is used to boost the immune system, improve sleep, reduce stress, prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s and many other things.

But without trying to complicate things too much, as the experiments show, it is enough to have positive thoughts, a positive attitude, of gratitude and appreciation.

These thoughts generate serotonin.

Professor Joseph Ledoux also speaks about this subject, but from the point of view of the brain, in his books “The emotional brain” and “The Synaptic Self”.

Everything we repeat becomes a pattern in the brain and becomes an automatic response.

In the long run it defines who we are. So if we strive to be positive, we reinforce the neural network (connections in our brain).

And the positive attitude, becomes an automatic response in our brain and body.

Therefore we are always flooding our body with beneficial chemicals.

Unfortunately, the opposite, negativity, has taken over our lives and has become a pattern of automatic response.

The most common is complaining. Studies conducted by Stanford University show that most people complain once a minute in a conversation.

They have also measured that with only half an hour of daily complaint, our brain is physically damaged and our health deteriorated. In particular the Hippocampus, the organ of the brain that is critical in intelligent thinking, problem solving and the processing of current information and its memorization.

Alzheimer’s attacks and destroys this area.

As we spend time complaining and blaming, we have created a neural network of negative automatic response and no matter what happens around us, our reaction is to complain about something.

Continuing with the subject, gratitude and appreciation generate serotonin, the complaint and negative thoughts, generate another neurotransmitter called Cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

This hormone is normally released by the adrenal glands when we are in a life-or-death situation, as part of the fight-or-flight mechanism.

All energy is aimed at being able to defend ourselves or to flee like hares.

The effect is that the cells stop feeding, stop reproducing, the immune system lowers the defenses, the blood and energy go to the limbs instead of to the vital organs and brain.

The consequences are accumulation of fat, therefore increased cholesterol, obesity, fall of the internal defenses (immune system), little clarity of thought, increase of blood pressure, increase of sugar (diabetes), heart problems and risk of heart attack. Deterioration of tissue, cells, aging …

Remember we are talking about half an hour of daily complaint.

Let’s add the pessimism, anger, envy, arrogance, the fact that it is not even half an hour, but something almost permanent.

And on top let us not talk of the impact of such an attitude around us

Complaints and the negative attitude are too costly. And yet it has become our pattern.

Are we really willing to get sick and die from an erroneous neural connection?

I think it’s great time to change our attitude, to enjoy more, to appreciate what we have and to seek feeling good instead of justifying why we should complain.

I recommend the film / documentary What The Bleep Do We Know !?