Besalú: Fortress between two rivers

Besalú: Fortress between two rivers

I have already commented that the greatness of human beings seems to have no limit, discover, create, construct, and paradoxically destroy all of the above.

Apparently that is the true mission of this disturbing race to which we belong, but as long as there is evidence that we are fabulous, will have to value and highlight it.

This is the case of Besalú.

A castle like the one that appears in the stories of the charming prince, like the one that has been conformed and has been protagonist in the books of the most fantastic adventures or battles, and even being part of the atmosphere on the cinema or television screens.

It is located near the border with France, in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. It’s a mediaeval town in the comarca of the Garrotxa, in Gerona, Spain.

Fortunately, Besalú was designated as a “Historical National Property” in 1966.

I would declare it World Heritage Site, not every day is built something so majestic.

With an architecture that represents the medieval era dates from the X century, is perched and crowns an imposing hill “The Cornador”.

Definitely over time many things have changed especially in its layout, but the town still retains the existence of the wealth of its buildings and constructions, such as the extraordinary bridge where you can still enter when going to visit, which features a gateway at its midpoint.

On the other hand are the ritual Jewish baths (mikveh) dating from the eleventh or twelfth century (we know that Jews have a long history in these latitudes), the typical church of the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pedro Besalú and San Julián, the ancient House Cornellá and the church of Sant Viçens and the imposing Gothic room of the Palace of the Royal Curia.

The rural landscape is charming as a whole and part of the mysticism lies in that it is crossed by two beautiful rivers: the Riera Capellada and the Fluviá.

Today is an important tourist site and full of life. If someone gets to go remember to eat the breads made in the ovens of long ago that are a delight if they have just been taken out.

I leave a link with a video that portrays quite well and reliably what this place is.

Let us enjoy what this world has to offer!

Besalú: Fortress between two rivers