National Anthems without lyrics

National Anthems without lyrics

National anthems represent an identity, a character; Is the belonging, the intimacy and the exhibition of a nation in front of the world.

We can find them focused on various styles, tones and themes.

While some talk about hope, others do it in a warlike manner, of brotherhood, joy, welcome, simple presence and in general, they all converge in a common subject which is an allegory to freedom.

The national anthems are songs, emblems to the fact of existing, of being alive.

I am not a musician but I know that metrics, harmony, arrangements and of course the lyrics create an environment that can provide pleasure to several of our senses.

The anthems can be very subjective when it comes to appreciating them, in particular I agree that the Marseillaise is one of the most beautiful.

Also recognized among the most beautiful are the Russian, the Mexican, the Japanese, the Nepalese, the Brazilian, the Chinese, the Hindu, the German among others…

Perhaps there is a “top ten” of the most beautiful anthems. You know that humans quantify everything, But in this case it would be very absurd to have such a list, because we would never be able to satisfy everyone.

What is likely, is to make an estimate of the most heard anthems, but that is another story.

But what about anthems that have no lyrics?

What is their story?

The Spanish anthem, for example is famous for its lack of words.

A message expressing something about the country, about its people, customs, or its national philosophy is missing.

However, it has a name.

“The Grenadier March ” was its first name, later it evolved to be “The Royal March “, which incidentally has a sound somewhat military.

Composed in 1770, it is one of the oldest in Europe, and it was King Charles III who declared it the official “March of Honor” that prevails till today.

More curious yet is that its author is unknown.

It is speculated that it was Manuel Espinoza of the Monteros who created it, but there is no official document that can witness this fact.

There is no shortage of proposals to write some lyrics.

Even Plácido Domingo has offered to sing it if some lyrics were written. The wait continues for the longing verses that will dress this march.

As far as I know, there are three other anthems that do not have lyrics either: the ones from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and San Marino.

I leave some links with anthems that are worth listening for several reasons. One of them being to learn a little more about the human being and his needs for to connect to this world.

National Anthems without lyrics