Tarragona Costa Daurada

fotografías de distintos espacios de la ciudad de Tarragona

Tarragona Costa Daurada

Tarragona is a city that is part of my heritage. It is a city on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain, where I had the opportunity to study my professional management studies. I only have fond memories. But what can I tell you about this city, about my roots. What to tell you about that land; There are so many things to comment and I will try to introduce them to you.

Perhaps you will feel like wanting to discover it and then I will have achieved a beautiful mission. There are 2000 years of history that vibrates in this city. In the past, it was first the fortified Roman city of Tarraco, and that contributed to the fact that today the Unesco has classified it as a World Heritage Site. It is a city that had Visigothic and Arab invasions. The city was besieged by the English and the French. Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus summered there. Napoleon massacred its population in 1811, but the city has survived and the Santa Tecla, the city’s cathedral, still stands and serves as a reference to the pilgrims who go to Santiago de Compostela.

The sea is beautiful and the beaches cozy. It is pleasant to wander along its paved streets. Go and have a coffee in the Plaza de la Font, in the Plaza del Rei, in the Forum square or in the Rambla Nova. All of them overflow with life, and if you love like me, good traditional cuisine, I advise you to try the spinach amb cargolins (spinach and snails), the rompesco cassola or the arrosejat. If you like fish, then go to the fishermen’s neighborhood, El Serrallo and its port. That is where you will be thrilled.

Tarragona is all that and much more at the same time. It is a jewel that influenced a lot in my development and interest in history.

I am proud to make you discover it.